Our mission at SSS is to push the boundaries of university launch capabilities by giving undergraduate students the opportunities and resources to develop technologies needed to access suborbital space. We aim to reduce the logistical and financial barriers to high altitude experimentation.



SSS is one of few student teams actively designing rocket engines powerful enough to carry a rocket to over 100,000 ft and eventually into space. Our team of engineers are creating cost-effective, lightweight, and durable hybrid and liquid engines by using DMLS printing technology and advanced simulation software.




Our path to space is lined with a series of increasingly capable launch vehicles. We design, manufacture, and integrate metal and composite structural components with a variety of systems that support payload deployment, propulsion, stabilization, and recovery.




Many of our mechanical systems are monitored and actuated with electronic and computational systems built from the ground up. These projects span many disciplines including power electronics, wireless communication, FPGA development, PCB design, signal processing, and control systems.