We are very proud of our amazing members at Student Space Systems! Our diverse membership base spans many different educational disciplines, backgrounds, and professional aspirations. The members of Student Space Systems are the basis of all of our success. 


Facts About Our Members 2015-2016

  1. Student Space Systems has over 100 active members.
  2. Over 95% of Student Space Systems members are of Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior standing.
  3. Only about 50% of our students major in Aerospace engineering.
  4. About 20% of our members major in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  5. 5% of our member base is accounted for by Mechanical Engineering students.
  6. All other majors make up almost 25% of our member base. 
  7. Our students have had internships at over 5 major companies in the aerospace industry including SpaceX, NASA, and Blue Origin.

Testimonials from Our Members

"Joining Student Space Systems was a great decision. I've gained great friends and exceptional hands on experience to complement my education." - Tyler Dean, Voting Member