Our mission at SSS is to push the boundaries of university launch capabilities through providing a focused outlet for students of all personal and academic backgrounds to develop the skills they need to accomplish their goals.



We strive to push the boundaries of what is thought possible for a student organization. Our members look upon developing technologies beyond their scope of knowledge as an opportunity to grow. We are committed to providing our members with the tools they need to conduct primary research and explore cutting-edge technologies in their work with us.


Protecting our members from the extreme energy density required to send vehicles to space is of the utmost importance. On top of physical risks, we must also take precautions to ensure that we comply with all regulations that our technology is subject to. To ensure the well-being of our members, we have enacted extensive safety measures over all of our technical activities that exceed those imposed on us by university and governmental authority.


Within Student Space Systems, there are members of all different backgrounds, identities, and disciplines. We respect and appreciate each and every one of the unique perspectives that our members bring. We value diversity of our members and their ideas as a means to accelerate our goal of reaching space.


Designing safe and efficient launch vehicles requires us to apply extreme degree of diligence, accountability, and scrutiny to our designs. Our refusal to settle for anything less than the best takes us on a path of research, revision, communication, and experimentation for all of our technologies. During the lifetime of our projects, we travel down every road of betterment that is available to producing the highest quality flight vehicles possible.